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Stop Juggling Your Time And Workload With Shovel Study Planner

The problem

College is a lot more demanding than high school

They Overestimate how much time they have and Underestimate the time they need. They don’t plan and end up cutting corners.

The Result

They get stressed and their grades suffer

Poor time and workload management go hand in hand with stress, anxiety, and poor academic performance.

Student mental health is declining
Timeboxing Study Planner - Shovel


Help them do better with Shovel

With Shovel, students can  plan the tasks you assign to them into specific times so they always know What to work on, When, and for How Long. And sooo much more!

Benefits for professors

What’s in it for you?

We built Shovel for Students,  but they are not the only ones who benefit from it. You will have:

Better prepared students

Better student outcomes

Better teaching experience

I will study with the exam in mind

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With Shovel…

Import LMS Tasks and Calendars to Shovel

Your tasks come to life

Students will import tasks from your LMS

Shovel syncs with your Learning Management Platforms and calendars. Finally, students don’t need to manage their events and assignments in multiple places!

knowledge is power

Students will estimate tasks and have them all in one place

Shovel calculates the time needed for every reading task you assign based on each student’s reading speed. Students can estimate every assignment and adjust as needed.

Student holding a Shovel digging himself out of a pile of homework
Timeboxing task in Shovel Study Planner


Students will plan when they will work on each task

Shovel combines student’s calendar and task list into one, easy-to-use, view. It lets them plan tasks to specific study times to help them stay focused and get things done.

Time Calculator

Students will know if they can get each task done

Shovel knows when students can study and for how long. It also knows how much time is needed for every assignment, and when students want to get started. Hence, Shovel knows if students can get everything done on time, or if they need to change their schedule, wayyy before they run into trouble!

The Cushion Graph
Timeboxing task in Shovel Study Planner

visual encouragement

Students will be able to visualize their progress

Shovel informs students about their past and their future. They are encouraged by what they’ve accomplished and always know what’s still ahead.

With Shovel, your students will be ready for every class

As a professor, you are in a unique position to let your students know about Shovel and improve their lives

Student Studying Learn how to study

Shovel is free

To empower your students…

Follow 3 simple steps

1. Add your syllabus tasks into your LMS

Click the button below to learn the best practices for setting up your syllabus

2. Tell your students about Shovel

You school should have given you a unique URL to share with your students for free sign-up

3. Enjoy Student Success

Your students will join over 100k students who are already seeing benefits of Shovel

Approved by students

I actually don’t know what I would do without this app! I have ADHD and planners have NEVER worked for me. I end up forgetting about them and they don’t help. The only thing I’ve EVER found that actually helps me not miss assignments and due dates is a combination of Shovel and Google Calendar.  I’m currently a straight A student in college and have never missed a single assignment or been blindsided by an exam thanks to Shovel. Forever grateful for this app.

- Jake

The best school planner out there. I have horrible ADHD, and simply cannot filter, prioritize, and plan the way Shovel’s algorithm does. My brain crashes just looking at a todo list. Shovel is the brain I wish I had. It guides me through planning based on how much time I have vs how many hours each task will need to be completed by the due date. I just select study time slots and fill them with task time.

- Olivia

If you suffer from BIPOLAR or depression this app is a life-saver. It takes off some pressure when you are in an episode. You can schedule “my brain is not helping me at the moment” time.

- Katie

Excellent app. This app is helping me a lot for time planner and concentration. Wow.

- James

I have exams next year and Shovel will save my life and help me get good grades. I have tried many study planners but they just make me angry because they are so bad. However, Shovel has made me happier than ever. Thank you, Shovel team!!!

- Shivam

The discovery of Shovel was a godsend. Thanks to Shovel, I can control every moment of my day and the planning of the studio has never been so perfect and fun. All my study material is organized precisely day by day, and my mind also benefits from this: I am more focused and motivated in studying.

- Pietro

It is ammazzinng. You can plan for the future, what you have to study, when and organize it. Loved this app! Great. Great!

- Ridhima

This is the greatest application planner.

- Wongtawan

This app is more like a system than just a regular app! It has become a crucial part of my school life. It is by far the best digital academic planner I have tried and used. It is most definitely a favorite and chart-topper for myself!

- Genesis

Best planner everr. Simply put, the best planner I have ever used in my life.

- Allawe27

So helpful and efficient. I love this planner. It is almost a combination of google calendar & calendar on your iPhone, but it is specifically for college. It helps me plan out and balance studying, work, and classes, as well as helping me see if I have time to go out.

- Verified App Store Review

I must say that Shovel is worth every penny. I like the ease of use and simple, clean design. This app should be mandatory for every college student.

- Verified App Store Review

I found the best planner ever!

I cannot remember how I came across this but I am so glad I did! The layout is awesome and all my tasks are getting done because of it! It’s fantastic for college students like myself!

- Verified App Store Review

Every “how to do well in college” book tells you steps to setup everything Shovel does but on paper/calendar but that does not come close to giving you the information you gain from Shovel. If you have trouble with time management get this app.

- Verified App Store Review

Amazing idea and amazingly helpful.

- Verified App Store Review

Thank you so much for making the perfect app for college.

- Verified App Store Review

I’m so excited to kick off my new semester with the best planner for college. It takes into account how long an assignment will take which is what sets it apart for me. You can easily plan out your time more effectively so you can have more time for other things.

- Verified App Store Review

This app is really great it takes a while to set up but once set up, this app creates miracles. Can’t wait to start Spring Semester!

- Verified App Store Review

Hello, just so you know, I don’t really like to do feedback on apps but this one is different. Since I started college one year ago, I downloaded almost every planner on the Apple store but when I came across the shovel planner a few weeks ago, I found the best planner ever.

- Verified App Store Review

Built by students for students

We know what it feels like to struggle so we designed Shovel to help students avoid our pains.

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Our founder was a student-athlete who got overwhelmed 

Petr was a hockey player at Harvard who didn’t manage his time and workload well and was frustrated that there was not tool to help him. Soon enough he had bad grades and declining mental health.


So he built the tool he wished he’d had

There was no tool to help Petr manage his time and workload, so he built a study planner to help the next generation of students avoid his pains.

Timeboxing Study Planner - Shovel
Student holding a Shovel digging himself out of a pile of homework


Why the name Shovel?

Shovel is a tool for getting things done. Simple and effective.

Shovel is an action. It’s about doing hard work, some of which may not be pleasant.

Shovel is a beginning. It’s groundbreaking. Starting something new and finishing something big, one scoop at a time.

Let your students know about the tool that will help them do better in your class.