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The best app for becoming a better student

Over the years of teaching students how to study the right way, thousands of them kept telling us that time management was their biggest problem.

They tried to follow our study advice, but would often fail to get things done on time. They started late, had to cut corners, and bad grades followed.

The problem for us was that we didn’t have a way to help them. We told them what to do and how to do it, but we didn’t provide any tool to help them implement it.

We looked at all the study planners, to-do lists, and calendar apps that we could recommend, but there was nothing that did what we had in mind. That’s when Shovel was born and it is the best app to boost your productivity as a student.

Shovel Study Planner

Most students typically use some kind of a to-do list, a day planner, an online calendar or one of a variety of study apps. The problem with all of these tools is that they are not integrated and only tell you what you already know – what you have to get done and when it’s due. That isn’t enough.

Shovel is unique in two ways: 

Built for Timeboxing

Shovel was built for timeboxing which makes it a great tool for making any student more productive.

Timeboxing means scheduling your To-Do’s on your Calendar so you always know what you’ll be working on and when.

In Shovel, you simply drag and drop your tasks in-between events in your calendar:

Time Blocking with Shovel App

This generates a tremendous amount of productivity because it helps you focus on one task at a time, eliminates distractions, sets deadlines for when you want to be done with each task, lets you visualize your day and so much more. It is how Bill Gates and Elon Musk organize their day.

Know You Can Get Everything Done

Shovel is a study time calculator. It compares your available study time blocks with the estimated time you need to complete each task. It knows how much study time you HAVE, how much time you NEED, and if you have ENOUGH time to get each task done – all in real time. We call this the Cushion.

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We realize that college is dynamic. Activities happen spontaneously and your schedule changes constantly. With Shovel, any change you make is instantly reflected across your entire study schedule.

Shovel will help you make decisions about choices that may affect your ability to meet your deadlines. Want to go to the game instead of studying? Research paper taking longer than you though? Need an extra 10 hours to study for your exam?

Shovel App does that math for you, all in real time. You’ll know instantly how it affects everything you need to do or want to do, today, tomorrow, next week, or next month.

With Shovel, you are always in control of your time and your workload. No more surprises.

So, why do we mention Shovel now? Because in the next few pages we will focus on managing your time and workload. You can do it without Shovel, but why would you make it more difficult on yourself?

Become the most productive student you’ve ever been!


Why did we name it Shovel?

Shovel is a tool for getting things done. Simple, effective, and virtually unchanged for thousands of years.

Shovel is an action. It’s about doing hard work, much of which you may not want to do.

Shovel is a beginning. It’s groundbreaking. Starting something new and finishing something big, one small scoop at a time. See how Shovel works.