Part 3: How To Study Effectively

Study Effectively

Simple study methods that save time.

You’ve made your study plan. You’ve got good study habits. Now it’s time to actually do the work… and not waste time doing it.

There is a mountain of study tips and tricks out there. I can’t possibly cover them all and most of all. This is what worked for me – simple study techniques that get you the best results for the effort you put in.

I’ll cover the four main areas of college that every student has to deal with.

The four things you must excel in when you study:

Taking Notes. You’re going to spend a lot of time in the classroom and it’s important to eliminate distractions and take notes in a way that speeds reviewing for your exams.

Reading Textbooks. You’re going to be reading a lot in college. Textbooks and PDFs will take up the majority of your study time. I’ll show you how to make sure you do it efficiently and make everything ready for easy review.

Studying For Exams. If you’ve been working your plan, you’ll be ready at exam time. You won’t have to cram.

Writing Papers. You won’t get through college without doing a lot of writing. The topic is broad and we’ll cover the basics and then more in blog posts to follow.

Let’s get started with the Classroom…


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