Hey! I’m Petr.

Petr Placek - Shovel Cofounder

In the past few years I’ve helped tens of thousands of new college students adopt a unique study system to help them get the best possible grades, with less stress, and more time to enjoy their college experience.

But unfortunately I learned those skills the hard way.

I came to the US from the Czech Republic when I was only 14 years old. My parents wanted a better life for me so they sent me on a scholarship to a boarding school called Hotchkiss.

It was a very demanding place but I thrived. My life was structured there. I was living in a dorm with faculty, I had to be prepared for each class, and I had to study every evening during “study hall.”

Placek Petr Harvard Hockey How To Study In College

I did so well that I was accepted to play hockey at Harvard and I was also drafted by the Philadelphia Flyers my senior year.

But I started to struggle when I got to Harvard. My excruciating back-pain had a lot to do with it, but I also had no structure. I didn’t have to be prepared for every lecture because I didn’t get called on, I didn’t have to study every night, and my social life had no boundaries. There was nobody to tell me I couldn’t go out.

Long story short, I really struggled my first two years.

What saved me was a stern conversation with Jim. Who is my host dad and now my co-founder.

He taught me how to build a study system I could rely on. All my stresses went away my Junior and Senior year. I was able to get a lot more done and still have fun all by following this amazing study system.

Unfortunately, it was still difficult for me to get a job after graduation because my cumulative GPA was dragged down by my first two years.

That’s why I want to help you get control of your studies right away. There is no need for stress and a low GPA. You can get good grades, have fun in college, and get a good job after graduation. You just need to follow a study system.