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Our founder was a student-athlete who got overwhelmed

Petr got injured and the more he time he spent trying to get healthy, the less time he had for school. Soon enough he had bad grades and declining mental health.


So he built the tool he wished he had

There was no tool to help Petr manage his tasks, classes, and practices at the same time, so he decided to help the next generation of student athletes by building it for them.

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Shovel - Time-blocking Study Planner


A timeboxing study planner for success ON and OFF the field

Student athletes have less time than most students. Shovel is built on proven productivity principles that save time and increase focus.

Timeboxing 101

Timeboxing aka time-blocking tasks
In a recent study, timeboxing was named the most useful productivity “hack” and it is how Bill Gates and Elon Musk organize their busy schedules.
Simply put, it means assigning individual tasks into a calendar for specific durations of time.

Benefits of Timeboxing

  • Accountability: Same as with having a game on their schedule, when a task is on the calendar, students are making an obligation to themselves that they’ll work on it at that time.
  • Knowing what’s possible: Students who don’t plan their day often overestimate how much they can get done. Timeboxing helps students match task with time in their calendar so they don’t think they can get 10 tasks done in a single study session.
  • Prioritizing: By timeboxing when they’ll work on each task, your student-athletes will naturally need to prioritize what they’ll do first.

Your current tools don’t cut it

You may be providing your student-athletes tools that have events, maybe even tasks. But they do not let them timebox their tasks and warn them if they are running out of time to get things done.

Shovel Plays With Others

Connect your School System to Shovel

 Shovel syncs with your e-learning platform so setup is easy. If things change, Shovel will update automatically.

How It Works

No more clunky apps and spreadsheets


1. Schedule a demo with us

We’ll step you through how Shovel will help your student athletes succeed.


2. Get Shovel for your student athletes

We will work with you to get Shovel for every student athlete and we’ll onboard them for you.

3. Enjoy more titles and successful students

Your student athletes will join over 60k students who have improved their habits already.

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Organized students win more titles

Success in the classroom goes hand in hand with success on the field. The less stress students feel in school, the more focused they’ll be in the game.

Happy Students

Happy coaches

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Give your student athletes a tool for building a successful life.