A Study Planner Built Based on The Advice of Academic Coaches

Make it easy for students to implement the great advice you give them.

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Shovel doesn’t cost. It pays.

It’s all about retention

If students don’t manage their time and tasks well, they are more likely to struggle and less likely to graduate. We are your partners in saving you money and driving:

Better academic outcomes

Better college experience

Better mental health

Start innovating

Stop recommending tools that students won’t use

It must be frustrating to give great advice about time and task management, only to see it go to waste. We believe it’s because the tools you recommend are hard to use and outdated.

Paper Planners Are Not Flexible Enough

Paper Planners

The classic tool that every learning center recommends but students never use. Not flexible and takes too much effort to manage weekly.

Calendars Are Not Built For Planning Tasks


Google and Outlook calendars were built for tracking meetings. Not for planning what task to work on, when, and for how long.

Spreadsheets Are Too Hard To Use and Maintain


Spreadsheets are an ad-hoc solution that is hard to implement and keep updated. Student shouldn’t have to struggle to manage their time.

Academic coaches give great advice

Good intentions

Academic coaches give students great advice

Academic coaches and learning center professionals tell students how to manage their time and tasks well, but it’s not always easy to implement their advice.

The problem

But students don’t have a good tool to implement said advice

Can you imagine creating a detailed weekly schedule on a paper planner every week? Or creating a new event for every task you need to do in your Google Calendar? Or tracking your weekly schedule and to-do’s on a spreadsheet and never receiving notifications?

Student mental health is declining
Overwhelmed Students Should Use Shovel Study Planner

The result

Students end up feeling lost and overwhelmed

If implementing your advice isn’t fast, easy, and flexible, most students won’t do it. Students live in a digital age. Meet them where they are and offer them a solution that will work for them.

Give your students a tool that makes it easy to implement your advice

Shovel Study Planner App
The Cushion Graph

is this even possible?

Time calculator for seeing into the future

Literally! Shovel knows when students can study and for how long. It also knows how much time is needed for every assignment, and when students want to get started. Hence, Shovel knows if students can get everything done on time, or if they need to change their schedule, wayyy before they run into trouble!

powerful task management

Optimized task-list for estimating time

Shovel calculates the time needed for every reading task based on each student’s reading speed. Updating estimates for multiple tasks is seamless, making estimates as accurate as possible based on most recent experience.

Powerful task list in shovel study planner
Time-Blocking aka Timeboxing in Shovel Study Planner


Time-blocking for planning each day

Shovel combines student’s calendar and task list into one, easy-to-use, view. It lets them plan tasks to specific study times to help them stay focused and get things done.

visual encouragement

Analytics for staying informed and getting motivated

Shovel informs students about their past and their future. They are encouraged by what they’ve accomplished and always know what’s still ahead.

Powerful Analytics in Shovel

Connections for managing everything in one place

Shovel plays well with others

Shovel connects to your LMS and Calendar

Shovel syncs with your e-learning platforms and calendars. Finally, students don’t need to manage their events and assignments in multiple places.

Go live within a week

No complicated IT. Price will seem too good to be true.

Approved by students

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It is ammazzinng. You can plan for the future, what you have to study, when and organize it. Loved this app! Great. Great!

- Ridhima

This is the greatest application planner.

- Wongtawan

This app is more like a system than just a regular app! It has become a crucial part of my school life. It is by far the best digital academic planner I have tried and used. It is most definitely a...

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- Genesis
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Give your students the right tool for implementing your advice.