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Dear College Admission Consultant,

Your mission is to get students into the best colleges possible. My mission is to get them out, in the best position possible.

And I believe that there is a synergy between our efforts that could greatly benefit the families you serve.

My College Journey – From Struggle to Success

I was lucky enough to get into Harvard, but I struggled once I got there.

I suddenly found myself on a college campus with no supervision.

And as a student living with ADHD, I hadn’t developed the proper executive functioning skills to succeed at a place with so much freedom.

I wanted to do it all, but I wasn’t good at managing my time and my workload by myself. I was headed for trouble. 

But luckily, I met my mentor who taught me how to get myself organized and take control of my college life.

I turned things around, but when I started applying for jobs, I saw how my initial struggles hurt my GPA and my job opportunities.

This is the reason why I’m on a mission to help students succeed in college from day one.

Shovel Study Planner

I created a unique time-blocking study planner that’s being used campus-wide at Purdue, UofSC, Iowa State, and many others.

It’s called Shovel, and it’s built on proven time and task management principles taught by executive functioning coaches.

To quote Kayla, one of our users…

Kayla - Shovel Student from Tampa University

“Shovel is a LIFESAVER.”

Here is a 3-minute video of how Shovel works:

What Makes Shovel So Good?

Shovel Study Planner App

1. Student-Centric Design: Unlike other planners, Shovel is tailored exclusively for students, addressing their specific academic needs with precision and care.

2. Habit Building: It reinforces strong study habits through well-established time management principles, helping students develop routines that lead to better grades.

3. Integrated Task Management: Shovel’s advanced features support detailed planning and tracking of study sessions, with seamless integration into leading educational platforms such as Canvas, Brightspace, and Moodle.

4. Adaptive Scheduling: The app is dynamic, updating in real-time to adapt to changes in course demands, making it an indispensable tool for academic planning.

5. Time-Blocking Methodology: Shovel employs a time-blocking strategy that is particularly beneficial for students seeking a structured study regimen, including those managing ADHD or bipolar disorder.

6. Predictive Analysis: Beyond organization, Shovel offers predictive analytics, allowing students to anticipate their academic journey and make proactive adjustments.

7. Action-Oriented: The app doesn’t just plan; it inspires action by merging past accomplishments with future objectives, promoting a well-rounded academic and social life.

8. Balanced Approach: Encouraging the ‘work hard, play hard’ ethos, Shovel helps students enjoy a rewarding college experience while achieving high academic performance.

9. Transformative System: More than an app, Shovel is a comprehensive study system created from a student’s perspective to revolutionize academic habits and outcomes.

Shovel’s 5-Step Approach To Productivity

1- Uncover Your Available Study Time

Use our drag-and-drop builder to quickly build your schedule and uncover your available study time. When things change, adjust things on-the-go in our mobile app. Always know when you can study and for how long.

Drag and drop events into your schedule
Shovel Task List

2- Understand Your Workload From Day One

Have every task from every class in one place and always know how long each task will take – even readings! With our powerful, student-optimized task list, you’ll meet every deadline.

3- Time-Block Tasks Into Available Study Times

Drag and drop your tasks into your calendar to plan when you’ll get them done. Don’t let anything distract you. Always know WHAT you’ll be working on, WHEN, and for HOW LONG.

Time-Blocking aka Timeboxing in Shovel Study Planner
The Cushion Graph

4- Know You Can Meet Every Deadline

Shovel knows if you can get everything done on time, or if you need to change your schedule, way before you run into trouble! No joke! It lets you see into the future! No other software gives you this much power.

5- Visualize Your Past And Your Future

Shovel shows you the past and the future. You’ll be encouraged by what you’ve accomplished and always see what’s coming up. Visualize where most of your time goes and what classes require most of your attention.

Powerful Analytics in Shovel

And Yes! Shovel Syncs With School Systems and Calendars

Shovel Syncs with School Systems and Calendars

Students can import their tasks from Canvas, Brightspace, and Moodle into Shovel. When things change, Shovel updates automatically. Same when connecting calendars.

Shovel Courses

Shovel Courses

Shovel is more than just a study planner; it’s a foundation built on robust time and task management strategies.

Recognizing that equipping students with the tool alone isn’t enough, I created a course that teaches students how to stay in control of their time and tasks from start to finish.

It shows students the actual steps for staying organized and also explains why these steps work to give them better results. I call this course the “The REAL Study Plan Secrets.

And last but not least, I also built an evidence-based course on how to study effectively, which empowers students to get the most out of their study time without wasting time and energy on study techniques that don’t work.

I call the course the “80/20 College Success Masterclass” based on the Pareto principle that 20 percent of study habits deliver 80 percent of the results.

Shovel Study System

Shovel Study System

Together, the Shovel Study Planner, The Real Study Plan Secrets Course, and The 80/20 College Success masterclass form a POWERFUL STUDY SYSTEM.

A consistent way of doing things the same way every day, to get a predictable result.

Help Your Students Succeed

We hear it from College Administrators all the time, and you know it too. Students show up to college unprepared. Even the ones that get straight A’s in high school.

This results in bad grades, poor mental health, dumbing down of majors, taking a year off costing families additional money, and worst of all, not reaching their full potential.

We have proven that this is preventable.

Charlotte - Shovel User

This is Charlotte, a fencer from BU who… “went from almost failing to straight A’s in upper-level neuroscience thanks to the Shovel Study System.”

So help me get your students ready right from the start.

Instead of ending your relationship with students when you get them in, show them the Shovel Study System and send them off to college with the confidence that they’ll be well prepared.

Who Is The Shovel Study System For?

Incoming College Students: Starting college with strong organizational habits is essential for college success.

Current College Students: Shovel enhances existing study methods and academic processes to help students get better grades with less stress.

High School Students: Early adoption of Shovel equates to better grades, getting into top-tier institutions, and a smoother transition to college.

Neurodivergent Students: Shovel has proven effective for students with ADD/ADHD, as evidenced by our glowing reviews.

5 Star Review For Shovel Study Planner

Miracle fo ADHD

I actually don’t know what I would do without this app! I have ADHD and planners have NEVER worked for me. I end up forgetting about them and they don’t help. The only thing I’ve EVER found that actually helps me not miss assignments and due dates is a combination of Shovel and Google Calendar. I’m currently a straight A student in college and have never missed a single assignment or been blindsided by an exam thanks to Shovel. Forever grateful for this app.

– Jake (Purdue)

5 Star Review For Shovel Study Planner

Shovel Is The Brain I Wish I Had

The best school planner out there. I have horrible ADHD, and simply cannot filter, prioritize, and plan the way Shovel’s algorithm does. My brain crashes just looking at a todo list. Shovel is the brain I wish I had. It guides me through planning based on how much time I have vs how many hours each task will need to be completed by the due date. I just select study time slots and fill them with task time.

– Olivia (USC)

What Else Do Students Need to Be Successful?

The College Essay Blueprint

What about knowing how to plan and write the perfect college essay? 

No, not the one you’re helping them write to get into college… 

The one they’ll need to write almost every week once they get there.

Students write a lot of essays in college and it’s not obvious that their high school prepared them for college-level papers.

Planning out essays and writing well is essential and a significant part of your student’s grades.

You want to make sure your students know exactly what to do when they get assigned essays and research papers.

I’ve interviewed my Harvard professors and researched the best essay writing principles.

Then I boiled everything down and combined it with our proven planning strategies.

The result?

The College Essay Blueprint that will guide your students through every essay they need to write.

This blueprint is great for existing college students to help them improve their writing skills, but it’s also extremely helpful for new and incoming students who can learn how to write amazing essays from day one.

And if your student is in high school. Even better! They’ll know how to plan and write amazing papers before they even show up on campus!

Huge BONUS Ensuring Success

2 Hours of Private Onboarding & Coaching

When it comes to getting into college, nothing is better than uninterrupted 1-on-1 time with you. You know that.

And we feel the same way about student success.

To solidify your student’s success, we’re including 2 FULL HOURS of private Shovel onboarding and executive functioning coaching. 

We’ll walk your students through proper setup and coach them on how to manage their time and assignments effectively based on their specific needs.


The Ultimate Study System

Here is everything students get when their parents invest in the Shovel Study System

The Full Stack

  • Shovel Study Planner - 12 Months (Value $396)
  • The REAL Study Plan Secrets Course (Value $342)
  • The 80/20 College Success Masterclass (Value $347)
  • The College Essay Blueprint (Value $197)
  • Custom Onboarding and Coaching: 2 Hours (Value $300)

Total Value: $1,582

For Just $449

But with your referral, they’ll get a 15% discount and you earn a 20% commission on each sale!

Everybody Wins When We Partner Up

THE most important thing to your clients, is the success of their students. That means perfect grades and a great college experience without the constant stress.

And nothing builds YOUR business faster than happy clients.

Our goal is to help you add maximum additional value to your clients and your practice with the least amount of effort and ZERO cost to you.

We created a Partner Program that makes it easy for you to share the Shovel Study System with the families you work with.

Provide a 15% discount to your clients and earn a 20% commission on each sale! 

Additionally, if you provide executive functioning services, Shovel is the perfect tool to turn your advice into action and add more revenue to your practice.

How To partner Up?

Partnering Up Is As Easy as 1-2-3

Your clients get a discount. You make money. We help more students.

1. Become a Partner

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3. Make Money

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What Is Time-Blocking?

Gates and Musk Use Time-Blocking
Time-blocking is how Bill Gates and Elon Musk plan their busy days.
Simply put, it means assigning individual tasks into a calendar for specific durations of time.
And Shovel makes time-blocking EASY!

The Benefits of Time-Blocking

  • Eliminates Procrastination: Students are amazing at postponing their tasks until it’s too late. But TIME-BLOCKING holds them accountable for getting tasks done at a specific time.
  • Shows What’s Possible: Students who don’t plan their day often overestimate how much they can get done. TIME-BLOCKING will help them match tasks with time on their calendar and show them what’s actually possible.
  • Helps Students Prioritize: Students often struggle to decide what to work on when they sit down to study. TIME-BLOCKING will eliminate this lack of focus and hesitancy as their plans will have already been set when they sit down to study.

Help students dig out of that pile of homework!