A Time-Blocking Study Planner For Becoming a Better Student

The most powerful tool to manage your study life!

stop wasting time

Ditch the paper planners, spreadsheets, and to-do lists!

Shovel combines all your favorite tools into one powerful app with unmatched functionalities and infinite flexibility.

1. Build Your Schedule & Uncover Study Time

Shovel calculates your available study time for every day of the semester.

2. Plan Your Tasks Into Your Calendar

Your tasks are more likely to get done when you “time-block” them into your study times.

3. Know You Can Meet Every Deadline

Shovel compares your study time with your workload to make sure you can meet every deadline.

Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Become a stress-free student

Wanna stop feeling overwhelmed?

Most students don’t have a good system to stay organized and keep things in their heads. They overestimate the study time they HAVE and underestimate the time they NEED to get things done. They start late and get behind. This causes stress and anxiety. Shovel helps you fix it in a few simple steps…

Student-optimized task list

Estimate your tasks and organize them in one place

With Shovel, you will always know how long each task will take. Shovel will even calculate the time needed for each reading based on your reading speed, reading source, and the number of pages you need to read.

Shovel Task List
Time-Blocking aka Timeboxing in Shovel Study Planner

Time-Blocking Specialist

Plan your tasks into available study times and enjoy better grades

Shovel knows when you can study and for how long. You can drag each task into multiple study times until it is fully planned. Never stress about the tasks you still need to do – they all have a special place in your calendar. When things change, it’s easy to adjust your schedule.

Shovel connects to your LMS and Calendar

Sync your school system and calendars

Import your tasks from Canvas, Brightspace, and Moodle into Shovel where they are much more useful. When things change, Shovel updates automatically.

Become a stress-free student with Shovel

Use Time-Blocking Just Like Business TITANS

What is Time-Blocking aka Timeboxing?

Gates and Musk use Time Blocking
In a recent study, timeboxing was named the most useful productivity “hack” and it is how Bill Gates and Elon Musk plan their busy days.
Simply put, it means assigning individual tasks into a calendar for specific durations of time.
And Shovel makes time-blocking EASY!

Benefits of Time-Blocking

  • Accountability: Same as with having a meeting in your schedule, when a task is on your calendar, you are making an obligation to yourself that you’ll work on it at that time.
  • Knowing what’s possible: Students who don’t plan their day often overestimate how much they can get done. Timeboxing will help you match tasks with time in your calendar.
  • Prioritizing: By time-blocking when they’ll work on each task, you’ll naturally need to prioritize what you’ll do first.

Predictive analytics

The Cushion Graph

Time Calculator – The Cushion

Know you can meet every deadline

Shovel knows when you can study and for how long. It also knows how much time you need for every task, and when you want to get started. Hence, Shovel knows if you can get everything done on time, or if you need to change your schedule, way before you run into trouble!


Stay informed and motivated

Shovel shows you the past and the future. You’ll be encouraged by what you’ve accomplished and always see what’s to come.

Powerful Analytics in Shovel


Get Shovel for your entire college career, for less than you’d spend on paper planners!

For serious students only!

Why No Free Trial?

Shovel is not an app where it is useful to just click around. The true power and value of Shovel can only be appreciated when you take the time to use it as intended.

It combines time and task management with time-blocking to create a powerful and unique study system that is unlike anything you’ve used before.

You will always know what you have to do next, how long it will take, and if you can get it done. You’ll know that continuously, in real-time.

Shovel isn’t difficult. It can be used by anyone, but it requires commitment to changing your habits.

The result will be better grades, less stress, and more time to enjoy your college experience.

Need more info?

Shovel is helping students who have ADHD and bipolar disorder

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Hello, just so you know, I don't really like to do feedback on apps but this one is different. Since I started college one year ago, I downloaded almost every planner on the Apple store but when I...

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Our Why

Shovel Founder Was Overwhelmed

we know the struggle

Our founder was a student-athlete who got overwhelmed

Petr got injured and the more time he spent trying to get healthy, the less time he had for school. Soon enough he had bad grades and declining mental health.


So he built the tool he wished he'd had as a student

There was no tool to help Petr manage his tasks, classes, and practices at the same time, so he decided to help the next generation of students by building it for them.

Shovel Study Planner Dark
Student holding a Shovel digging himself out of a pile of homework


Why the name Shovel?

Shovel is a tool for getting things done. Simple and effective.

Shovel is an action. It's about doing hard work, some of which may not be pleasant.

Shovel is a beginning. It's groundbreaking. Starting something new and finishing something big, one scoop at a time.

Dig out of that pile of homework!