Get $2,000 for ONE email.

With just one email, you can give Shovel for free to every student on campus, help your administrators make sure their students succeed, and make $2,000 for yourself, all at the same time. All you have to do is help us get a meeting at your school. It’s that simple.

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Why are we doing this?

Our goal is to provide Shovel to every student at the lowest possible cost to the student. Ideally for free. The best way to accomplish that is directly through the schools.

We have a special program to provide Shovel to schools at a dramatically reduced cost per student, so the students can have it for FREE.

And the best way to spread awareness about Shovel is YOU. Our passionate user. 

What do you have to do?

Step 1

Find the right people

Find the people at your school whose job is student success. You can start with the people you know, even your favorite professors, and they’ll tell you who to go to.

Here are the popular job titles:

  • Dean of Student Success
  • Academic Success Advisor
  • Academic Coach

Step 2

Tell them how much you love Shovel

Everyone on campus wants their students to succeed but not everyone knows about Shovel. So let them know.


Send an email to the right people explaining how Shovel has helped you manage your time and workload.

You can talk about how Shovel has reduced your anxiety and any other positive outcomes. Describe how you use it and how you think every student at your school would benefit from having it.

You can tell them to visit our website: 

If they are interested and want to know more, you can send them this Calendly link which will make it easy for them to schedule a Zoom Meeting with us.

Or, if they feel more comfortable emailing us, they can do so by emailing


Step 3

Let us know and get the credit

There may be more than one student at your school who knows about this referral commission. Make sure YOU get it first.

If you receive an email back from an administrator, be sure to forward the response to




Thanks so much, we’ll be in touch!

We will schedule a meeting with the administrator and discuss providing Shovel to the entire student body.

If the school agrees to purchase Shovel for their students, we will send you $2,000. Free money, baby! It’s that simple. 

Thanks again! You are responsible for providing Shovel to every student at your school for free and you’re helping your classmates be the very best students they can be.

Connect with us via the chat in the Shovel web-app if you have any questions.

Keep digging and start sharing.

– Your Shovel Team