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Timeboxing Study Planner - Shovel

Use the only study planner that lets you timebox your tasks into your calendar.

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Student Studying Learn how to study

Learn how to study effectively and have better grades, less stress, and more fun.

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’ve come to the right place. Everything on this website was built to help you get better grades with less stress.

We were students too (no geniuses), so we know what it feels like to struggle. But if you are a genius who just wants to be more productive, we will help you too.

From here, we’d recommend going to one of two places.


1. Study Advice

If you want to learn how to study more effectively, the best place to start is by reading this article. It will take you through how to study from start to finish. It is how our founder Jim was able to get near-perfect grades in college and Law school.


2. Study Planner

If you are looking for an app that will make you super productive while keeping you stress-free, check out our study planner — Shovel. We built it from the ground up for students who liked our study advice.

Ok, go explore and if you have any questions, use the chat in the bottom right.

This is What Shovel Students Say:

Mackenzie - Shovel Student from BU
"I went from almost failing to straight As"

Shovel app saved my grades! I went from almost failing to straight A’s in upper-level neuroscience classes in a year!

I’ve made the Dean’s list every semester since I started using Shovel and would recommend it to every student who wants to get good grades.

I promise you. If you get Shovel, your grades will go up and your stress levels down.

– Mackenzie, BU – Neuroscience – Fencing

Jake - Shovel Student from Purdue University
"The most powerful and valuable tool"

Shovel has transformed the way I plan my study life.

While my friends and classmates complain about the stress of assignments, I feel no anxiety about when and how I will get things done.

Shovel has reduced my stress by an incredible amount and shown me exactly what I need to do in order to succeed.

I can’t imagine planning my time without Shovel. It is the most powerful and valuable tool a student can have.

– Jake, Purdue – Data Analytics

Kayla - Shovel Student from Tampa University
"The Cushion helps me look ahead"

I used to be anxious about school because I never knew if I could get everything done on time.

Shovel has eliminated that anxiety. It lets me plan my tasks into specific times. This gives me confidence I’ll be able to complete every task and still enjoy life!

Using the Cushion graph in Shovel helps me look ahead with peace of mind that this semester is manageable.

I couldn’t recommend Shovel enough.

– Kayla, University of Tampa – Nursing

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Timeboxing Study Planner - Shovel

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