Become a stress-free student with Shovel

ShovelApp Team

A Team Built to Help You Get Better Grades

While we were in school, we didn’t find a good study planner that would help us be more productive. So we became creators and built one ourselves.
ShovelApp Team

We believe that students can avoid most of their academic anxiety by proper planning.

We noticed this pattern in ourselves when we were students and still observe it in our professional lives. When we have a plan, we are more focused on tasks at hand, and less stressed about everything else. A plan brings clarity and we hope to bring that clarity to you through timeboxing with Shovel.

Meet The Team

Jim Siverts Founder @shovelapp

Jim Siverts

— Founder

Milan Sovic FullStack Engineer @shovelapp

Milan Sovic

— Software Engineer

Igor Maric Designer @shovelapp

Igor Maric

— Product Designer

Petr Placek cofounder @shovelapp

Petr Placek

— Co-founder

Marina FullStack Engineer @shovelapp

Marina Nenic

— Software Engineer

Branko Gvoka Fullstack Engineer @shovelapp

Branko Gvoka

— Co-founder

Angelina Vujanovic FullStack Engineer @shovelapp

Angelina Vujanovic

— Software Engineer